Day 20 of 31- Dance of the Zebra Dot Princess

Wow, almost three weeks into this experiment!  I think I’m seeing lots of good things from this, but I do need to get serious about keeping the computer shut again.  Slacked off in the last few days!  If I’m really tired I’m really tempted to excuse the computer time, but my babies don’t need me any less when I’m tired than not, and I have an even harder time when I’m tired with moving my eyes and hands and attention away from the computer to engage with my little needy people, which isn’t good for anyone’s moods or energy levels.  It seems like it should be easier to just zone out, but that’s not how my job description works, how about that.  :)  So that’s one thing I’ve been thinking about.

I’ve also been feeling very inspired to get fit, (Ben’s race was so much fun yesterday!), so I’m hoping this week to work in exercise a few more times and really start moving more regularly.  Haven’t decided which ones yet, but a really want to do a few races next year and maybe one before this year ends.  I’m trying to decide if I’m brave enough to set myself a goal of a race longer than a 5K.  I think if I leave it till closer to the time I’ll just stick with 5ks, so it might take signing up waaay ahead of time and just challenging myself to go further via terror of the impending, haha.  Hoping that with time and practice Wilona will get more patient with the stroller.  Also thinking of weightlifting and in-home exercise videos.

She’s trying to be a thumb-sucker!

DSC06946 (480x640)

Had to have more of this hazelnut caramel toffee cream… I mean coffee… deliciousness this morning.

I bought this sweet little dress for her in March and she only just now fits it, so it needed a bit of layering to work for the present weather.  So she was a zebra dot princess for our visiting today.  Utterly adorable, oh my.

That’s about what’s going on.  Bedtime now, the new week loometh!


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