Day 21 of 31 – Because I Can

I ran tonight.

Ben is sore from his race, so I left Wilona, freshly fed, with him and loaded up Ascher for a bedtime walk/run(parent’s choice, either work for getting him to sleep).  I bundled Ascher with a big, cozy blankie and we set off.

Short story?  Ascher is a much more patient run buddy than Wilona(she’s only gone a handful of times) and I’m in better shape than I knew.   Both make for a happy, more inspired mama.  Remember I posted a couple days ago that I ran two 1/4 mile pieces?  Here’s what I did today.  :)

  • Walked .09mile, in (thin, flexible, light) shoes.
  • Ran .2mi in ditto^^.
  • Decided the shoes were twisting my knees weirdly and causing excessive hard work, so I lost the shoes into the stroller.  Kept my socks on because I wasn’t ready to face the cold pavement without them yet.
  • Walked .03 doing that^^.
  • Ran .4 in socks, feeling much more free and easy.
  • Walked. .08 because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go the long way home or the same way I came.  Decided on same route and turned around.  Lost the socks.
  • Ran the .7 home.  Wasn’t planning on that, but very shortly after I started I realized I felt really good and set myself the goal of getting home without stopping.  Turns out I could, and honestly I bet I could have gone further.  :)
  • I’m really curious now how much further I could have gone, but given how much increase that was over my last run(and that Ascher was well asleep) that was probably far enough for today.

I’m pretty proud of myself.  When Ben first started trying to work me into running four years ago(hard job, poor man, long story for maybe later) running for 30 seconds straight was like utter murder and torture.  I mean, I wanted to start running, so he was trying to help me with permission, but…. yeah.  Anyway!  It took me months to work up to a half mile.  And here I am, two years and two babies since my last steady running and on my second run I did a .7 piece and a total of 1.3 miles.  My starting point now is sooo much higher than it was when I first started running.  And I have several years worth of willpower(and sweat tolerance, hah!) training that haven’t atrophied either and both were big factors in my dislike of anything other than brisk walking for many, many years.

So, yeah.  Proud of myself.  Pardon the self-back patting.

That’s it, folks!

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