Day 25 of 31 – In Which I Move Everything

This afternoon while babies napped I was hit with inspiration for rearranging furniture.  I moved a spice rack from on top of the fridge so I could move the microwave(and moved the fridge so I could plug it in) so I could move the clothes drying rack so I could move a desk and a computer set-up and adjusted the dining table/chairs.  Then I moved the drying rack again and put a bookshelf there instead.   Then I moved a recliner and Ascher’s toys and a coffee table and adjusted the couch and the end tables.  And no, not all during naptime.

Basically the idea was to move the desk from the (crowded) living room in order to make it and the computer more easily used.  The dining space by the back door wasn’t being used efficiently, so with the desk and the bookshelf I created a teeny tiny office space there by the dining room table.  Then I was able to move the recliner into the desk’s old spot, which got it out of the middle of the room and consolidated the floor space.

I still need to vacuum and finish decluttering, but this setup is extremely refreshing and functional.  I love layouts that make the room feel as big as possible and this one is possibly the best we’ve had so far.  I’m pleased.

Why the rearranging?  Well, I’ll need a place for the Christmas tree soon(seven weeks, haha)!

Pictures Here


5 thoughts on “Day 25 of 31 – In Which I Move Everything

  1. Barbara Walsh says:

    I have just recently found your blog and have enjoyed it very much! I like how REAL your posts are and your great sense of humor. It’s so important that we moms don’t take ourselves too seriously!

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