Day 27 of 31 – Recharge

Earlier today we all dressed up and went to the park for pictures with my parents and siblings(etc).  The sunshine and the fall color were gorgeous and I’m excited to see the finished product.

Ascher fell asleep on the way home, but then he woke up too soon.  He didn’t want to go back to sleep, so Ben brought him out still a bit sad and grumpy.  Ben sat down with him and we briefly tried to talk him out of it, but he(they, haha) started dozing off and pretty quickly they looked like this.


This husband of mine? He’s pretty much a hottie. AND good with kids! Package deal, right there. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. ;)

They stayed asleep for an hour.  Now Ascher is happily having a snack and Ben is still asleep.

I need to sort out dinner, maybe go for a run and hopefully get to bed at a decent time tonight too.  I think the days would seem less long if I was better rested.  Six hours the average night just doesn’t quite cut it.

Love Sunday afternoons!  :)

Let me know what you think!

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