Day 29 of 31 – Topically

Right now… both littles are napping.  Frequently, to get Ascher down for his nap with minimal interference from Wilona I keep him up until she’s ready to eat and nap(usually pretty shortly after lunch, yay for similar nap times!) and then take them both into his room and just lie down with both of them.  If I’m going to nap too this works really well.  If I’m going to get up I feel like I need to move her away from him, which frequently wakes her up and tends to make his nap shorter because if he falls asleep with a warm body he tends to wake up sooner if it leaves.  Sounds like a little kid still, how about that.  :)

So today after lunch I turned on Curious George, nursed Wilona to sleep, put her in the swing and then took Ascher to bed.  I put him in the toddler bed instead of the twin mattress(where I usually take them both) and sat next to the bed.  He tossed around a bit and had to be reminded a couple times to lie down, but it felt like he went to sleep more quickly that way than with all three of us in the bed.  He has done it that way before, I just got out of the habit after Wilona was born.  With a frequently nursing, rather be held newborn it was just easier to take them both to bed.  And since I needed more naps then too it just made sense.

Of course, Wilona decided she was hungry again only 30 minutes after I finished with Ascher.  But after eating again she’s now sleeping next to me on the couch.  Like so.DSC07030

Thinking…I might have to try that way of arranging naps more often.

Feeling…   Cheery, hopeful and mildly energetic, but I know that if I get up and go to my crafting area or the kitchen to do something fun I’ll lose some optimism in the mess, so I’m going to stick with cheery laziness, haha.  Plus, you know.  Can’t risk waking up babies.  ;)

Reading… Guess I’m between books right now.  I’ll have to amend that soon here.


Excited…It’s still way far out, but I’m excited about hopefully going to the coast next spring.  I love the ocean soso so much.  If a variety of stars aligned(home price, husband, jobs, family proximity) I’d move there in a New York minute, but for now I relish every second of thinking about it and our week per year visits.

Wondering…  How to make Christmas/December feel like less of an overload this year.  I love Christmas, but by the time December 27th rolls around I’m utterly sick of it.  I’m thinking, leave off any Christmas music until a week or two into December, no tree(but yes other decor!) until mid-December(it’s just going to be a big fat “don’t touch” anyway) and probably do less visiting(on the immediate Christmas days).  Nothing nailed solid yet, just some stuff I’ve been hashing over.


Working…On mustering the gumption to actually make real dinner instead of doing another leftover scrounge.

Proud…  How well Ascher has adjusted to having a little sister.  If I set her down for a diaper change or into her bouncy he can frequently be seen up in her face, talking to her, patting her and giving her kisses all over her face while she blinkblinkblinks and smiles at him.  I mean, he sometimes chucks toys at her head too, but generally he does really well with her.


Wanting…Elves and/or woodland creatures to do my cleaning and basic cooking.  It feels like I can keep up on the kitchen OR the laundry, but not both, and since we still need both they both stay in a perpetual state of undone-ness and heaven knows that the only time I’m actually really inspired to cook anymore is when the kitchen is just cleaned, so that’s super unproductive.  Anyone have spare woodland house slaves?  No?  Bummer.

Stressed…Um, I don’t know.  The only thing I can think of isn’t up for public discussion.  So I guess I’m not terribly stressed, overall.


Wishing… I could decide whether or not to cut my hair.  I almost chopped into it, but then I decided that cutting my own hair for the second time ever on a Sunday three hours before family pictures was too many bad ideas for one day.  :p

Missing…  The ability to just mosey out of the house for no reason whatsoever without having to gather more than my wallet and keys.  Even just getting everyone dressed warmly and out to the garage to the stroller for a walk feels like an undertaking, nevermind actually preparing to be gone for a while.

Eating…  Oh, that sounds like a good idea!  What to have for a snack….?

I love the spazzy happy foot kick on this one.

I love the spazzy happy wiggle on this one.

Drinking… Lots of water, some vanilla chai tea, some cocoa and the occasional floofy homemade coffee drink.  It’s fall!  Warm drinks are upon us!

Watching…  Ben and I are a few episodes into Terra Nova, which is a go back in time, alternate universe, type of thing.  So far?  Lots of people getting eaten or mauled by dinosaurs, go figure.  Hopefully we’ll get past the cheap thrills and get onto some real storyline soon.

Loving…  Dark chocolate chips.  The babies when Ben gets home from work(and most other times, hah).  Soup simmering on the stove.   Ben’s whiskers.  Mirror selfies with my babies(no, really??).  Blogging before midnight.  Dried tomato chips.  Rainy days.


Let me know what you think!

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