Never Leave Well Enough Alone

Ben is doing NaNoWriMo this month and I just, (sort of jokingly) challenged him to a race for his last 386 words for the day, so here I am, racing.  I’d say we might be turning into a weird writer family, except that it’s just that November usually follows October and that’s only two months a year, so I think I can handle that.  He supported my writer month last month and I’m here for his this month and I think December should be delightfully relaxed by comparison.  Not that it’s been really crazy, either October or November(so far), just that our only really great writing time is in the evening after both babies are asleep and that’s also our best time for talking, so I guess today we’re being weird companionable writer folk.

I woke up this morning and was stunned when I walked into my totally clean living room.  Apparently I need to clean it up before going to bed more often because it totally made me happy and relaxed in a lovely way.

Have you seen this??  So funny.

I was so energized by it that I started two batches of bread and made a lovely mess of the kitchen that I have since only halfway cleaned up.  I used a recipe for Vermont Cheddar Bread(<<recipe and pretty pictures by this blog, because I’m too lazy and hers is prettier anyway, lol) from the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook as inspiration.  Well, not quite.  I followed it almost exactly for one batch, except for adding a 1/2 cup of dry Parmesan Romano cheese and increasing the recipe by about 1/6th because apparently I can’t leave well enough alone.  (yesterday’s Google person was apparently pretty cool and wrote a book called Never Leave Well Enough Alone, which I think is an totally amazing phrase or idea, isn’t it?)

Then for the other batch I used spelt flour instead of white, still added the parm and also added 1/2 cup of ground flax and 1/2 tsp of that thing that helps act as a stabilizer that I can’t remember because I’m racing my husband and it’s making me draw a total blank.

Xanthum gum.  It’s Xanthum gum.  It and the flax make up for the lesser(less and different/weaker) gluten in spelt flour and create a chewier, less crumbly texture in the bread.  Anyway, the bread turned out really, really good.  I’ve been wanting to experiment more with making really

Bother, husband wins and I’m only at 350 words.  :)  I was close, anyway.

Like I was saying, I’ve been wanting to work on making better spelt(mentioned some of the why’s of spelt for me here) bread for a while now.  The stuff I know how to make is passable, but not great and I’m such a sucker for really, really yummy bread that passable is just… meh.  I’d really rather not eat bread at all than only meh bread.  I love chewy, crusty, artisan type bread.  drooling, nom, nom, nom.

At any rate, I have a blog, and husband has his last words for the day done, so off I go.  :)


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