Wilona, 4 Months and a Week

Wilona, precious girl.


You are a loving, snuggly, and gorgeous little person.  You are exceptionally chubby(17 pounds!), exceptionally happy and exceptionally strong.  You are starting to try being sitting up without support and have always enjoyed trying to stand and are working on getting stronger on your tummy.  Toys and books are interesting, especially now that you are getting coordinated enough to grab at them and move them to your mouth.  You suck on your own fingers or thumbs pretty regularly, sometimes even with you’re nursing.  Daddy says you’re trying to train the milk to come out of your thumbs so you can eat whenever you want.  I think you’re welcome to eat whenever you want anyway.  :)


You have lots of nicknames.  For a while after you were born your daddy called you “Little Tomato” because you were so little and red.  Now he calls you “Widget” and “Shortcake” and “Little Fritter” and sometimes “Lona Widget”, “Nona” or “Chubby Cakes”.  I frequently use “Dolly”, “Little Daughter”, “Beautiful” and “Lovely”.  Suffice it to say your daddy is more creative in the nickname department.  :)


Watching the world and seeing people is like the best thing in the world.  Brother and your daddy are your favorites, but almost anyone can coax a smile from you, especially if you’re safely snuggled with mama in one of your carriers.  You loves games and bounces and being smiled at and talked to.  We’re pretty sure you’re going to be doing most of the talking for both you and your brother, pretty soon here.


Wilona, you are a marvel.  You are happy, day in and day out.  The only time you cry is when you’re really tired.  Even at night when you need a snack you rarely do more than a quiet grumble until I hear you.  Sleep is your friend and at night, once you finally work through a series of eat/burp/nap/burp/eat/nap over the span of a couple hours(which admittedly can be exhausting for mama, sorry, babydoll) you usually get a 5-9 hour stretch, which is absolutely amazing.  You wake up with a smile on your face(and after that much sleep, so do I!), ready to chat about any and everything.  Once again, I’m saying that I’m happily surprised by what a happy baby we got(and after how happy Ascher was/is I was sure we’d get a grumpy baby, just for balance ya know).


You exceed all my best expectations, little one.

Love you lots.


DSC07141Ascher’s 4 month post.


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