Pumpkin on My Mind(or Life, Parenthetically)

I lovelovelove how productivity has this tendency to snowball!  Over the course of the day(in and around keeping babies happy and fed and napped, of course!) I sewed a new cloth pumpkin, straightened the living room, washed, folded, and put away several loads of laundry, baked a loaf of bread, broke down and roasted a pumpkin, then made pumpkin soup(YUM!) and puree for the freezer, had a lovely visit with a sister(Ben and I have 11!) who helped with pumpkin peeling and snuggled Wilona while I kept cooking(Thank you Beth, for the help!).  Then I took Ascher for a bedtime run.  I have since been enjoying chocolate milk, roasting pumpkin seeds, and perusing many beautiful pumpkin recipes on Pinterest.

Pretty much my house smells incredible and looks reasonably tidy and I feel motivated and happy and the babies are happy and fat and I’m totally on a pre-holiday buzz(Black Friday ads are coming out!).  It was a good day for feeding my storehouse of “yes I can” moments for rallying on those days when life with littles is harder to manage.

Shameless bragging, I suppose, but there it is, I was just a domestic goddess today.  ;)  Check back tomorrow to see me in my pjs all day doing nothing but feeding people, haha.  :)


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