A couple of today’s best things.

I took the babies to the playground so Ascher could play a bit.  It’s so much fun that he’s actually big enough now to start trying some stuff!  He’s pretty cautious, and I don’t think he likes heights much, but he had fun on the swings and throwing his ball up the slide and watching some kids playing football nearby.  On our way there we found a pretty nice living room chair free on the sidewalk.

We headed home from the park and I was trying to think, with Ascher in the stroller and Wilona riding on me, how I was going to get that chair home too.  But, Ben was getting out of the car just as we got home, so I told him about the chair and he ran down to look at it and hauled it back on his shoulder, which was not quite what I was picturing.  I thought the car might make the job easier!

It needs a slipcover or a full recovering for some roughed up fabric on it, but I think either could be a fun sewing challenge.  I’ve been thinking I’d like a chair this shape(kind a modern armchair?) for a while to try putting some fun fabric on, as an accent chair, but have been reluctant even pay thrift store prices for a project that might not turn out right.  This, for the grand price of free should be a good fit.


Made some yummy pumpkin almond maple streusel muffins.  Dessert is the only real thing to call them, but I hear muffins are always good for you, as opposed to cupcakes.  So.  Goooood.


I was washing dishes and Wilona was playing with a toy caterpillar in her bouncy seat nearby and Ascher was pottering around playing with any and every thing available to him.  He got up close to her, like he does to pat her and play and he started to put his knee up into the bouncy too.  I don’t really like him to try to be in there at the same time as her – too heavy, too tippy, too much squishing the baby – so I started to tell him no and realized she was laughing, laughing, laughing at him as he was getting closer and bouncing her.  He stopped and looked at her again and was tickled to realize she was laughing at him, so for a minute they just sat there and laughed and smiled and talked at each other.  I went for the camera, but as soon as I got it turned to video Ascher got up and walked away(of course!), so you’ll just have to imagine.  :)  I love how much they enjoy each other sometimes!



Oh, and I didn’t get on the computer at all today until 8pm.  It was a happy day, and I think that really helped.  But, I knew that already.




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