Ok, so I remembered a few months ago that there was a blogging tradition of the 100th blog post being a list of 100 things about the blogger.  I was already past that by a couple so I decided that I’d just do 130 things about me for my 130th blog post because that seemed like a safe distance away and I figured I’d work on it gradually.  Of course I didn’t.

And (ta-dah!) this is my 130th blog post.  Which should explain why you’ve had no new posts for a week.  I got…checking…38 things into my list and ran out of things.  Well, also, it was 11:14pm and my brain was toast and I was like, meh, forget about it.  But, ever since then, whenever I think about blogging that post gives me the evil eye and I turn and run, because, 92 more things about me?  What was I thinking?  And also the lists started flying around facebook.  You know, the ones that if you like them you get assigned a number of random/unknown things to reveal about yourself on your status?  (By the way , if you wrote one I’m sure it was lovely, I was just afraid to like any of them because… well, I didn’t want to do a list of 7 four different times.  Tell me again why I thought 130 such a doable number?)

But, at the same time I hate feeling like I got a whole 29% done with my list only to abandon it.  Dilemmas, dilemmas.  How about a list of 13 things and I can quit having this post hanging over my head and your eyes won’t glaze over from utter boredom, ‘kay?

How about these.

  1. I always have to try more than once to spell vacuum and occasionally.
  2. I can never, never, never remember without checking which way batteries are supposed to go.
  3. When I was 8-14 I wanted to be a veterinarian(inspired by the James Herriot books) and or marine biologist(inspired by Reading Rainbow) and I volunteered once a week for a year at a vet clinic when I was 12.
  4. I love corgis.
  5. I’ve watched Jurassic Park about a dozen times.
  6. I love books about boarding schools (I always remember this one as one of my favorites.) and I very much wanted my parents to send me to a boarding school in Europe for my senior year of high school.
  7. I own 8 (different!)bundt pans.
  8. I had probably 10 years of doing some form of singing and/or dancing lessons during school years.  Ballroom dancing is my absolute favorite and I spent one semester of college doing 10-14 hours a week, on top of my school work(all A’s, thank you!).
  9. I have a couple computer programs that I enjoy designing house blueprints on.
  10. Given the choice between chocolate and vanilla based ice creams I’ll usually choose vanilla.  Preferably with toffee pieces and/or caramel sauce.
  11. I’m a home birther.
  12. I’ve read the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series at least 8 times.
  13. I used to take lots of personality tests hoping for insight into “what I should be when I grow up”.  Seems there’s no personality type for “mom”, but I still think the tests are fun.  I’m an INFP, which according to thescharts seems to be hero material.  This is another fun one.  :D

And there you have it.  13 things you may or may not know about yours truly.



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