Ghosts of December 23rds Past

For as long as I can remember December 23rd has been the longest day of the year.  My dad works at a hospital and every other year he has to work on Christmas Day, so my parents created the tradition of doing our Christmas morning on Christmas Eve morning.  So, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were both big celebration days and the 23rd was the longest day of the year.  Ben and I have enough visiting to do that we’re keeping with two celebration days.  Really, who doesn’t want two full days of Christmas??    I thought, the way everything else speeds up as you age, that the 23rd might start going faster too, but no, not yet.  I still wake up in a fidget of expectation, only now I have the addition of a list of last minute things to do to finish my Christmas prep.

Today I need to

  • Wrap the last few gifts
  • Make a couple pans of Christmas goodies
  • Do a tiny bit of sewing
  • Finish straightening the house for a tidy start to celebrations

Instead I am

  • Eating a candy cane in my Christmas pajamas while
  • Writing this post with a
  • Background movie running with
  • Wilona on my lap playing and
  • Ben and Ascher playing in Ascher’s room

So, one way or another, I guess the day will go.  I don’t remember how I used to spend December 23rds.  I don’t think we had a particular tradition, other than to jump around the house shouting, “Tomorrow is Christmas, tomorrow is Christmas, tomorrow is Christmas!!”.  Ok, fine maybe that was just the tradition of us kids.

Because three days of Christmas must be better than two, I’m liking the idea of starting a “night before Christmas” tradition for our kiddos.  We went on a Christmas light drive last night(our neighborhood actually has some really fun ones!).  I have Christmas jammies for the babies tonight and we might watch a movie or something like that.  Low-key, but I think that’s enough for this year.

Remember I got all those great pics of Wilona by the tree?  I tried to add Ascher in later that same evening.  Good grief.  Trying to singlehandedly take pics of a wiggly, mobile, uninterested toddler and a tipsy baby is really hard.  Here’s a sampling of what I got.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And this is Ben and Ascher’s snowman fun!

May you all have a happy, blessed and relaxing Christmas, whenever your celebration begins!


This post was partially inspired by this one.  Do you have particular memories of December 23rds?

Let me know what you think!

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