That Snail is Fast!

We just watched Turbo this evening for the first time.  Ben and I both thought it was quite fun.  Ascher was entertained throughout and I enjoyed(for Ascher’s sake) that it was very, very  low on the scariness scale.  We all enjoyed the soundtrack, including Wilona who bounced and smiled and chattered and waved her arms very excitedly as we all danced along.  Somewhere in the movie someone exclaims, “That snail is fast!” and it becomes the snail’s viral marketing theme song.  Anyway, this post isn’t really about the movie, though we did really enjoy it.

I was thinking about that line briefly though and thought that it kind of sums up how past years always feel, come New Year’s Eve.  You can think of all the things that you stuffed into the past year and think that ok, maybe a whole year did go by after all, but at the same time, weren’t we just here?  Does that make any sense?  Well, it did to me 20 minutes ago, anyway.  :)  Maybe it just seems equally surprising that a whole year might seem to go quickly as that a snail might go quickly.  Nope, still not making sense.  Alright, end of clumsy analogy, hah.

Anyway.  We’re having a mellow but celebratory New Years Eve here.  Got a couple movies from Redbox(Turbo for us all and Wolverine for me and Ben later) and I made some yummy things for snacking purposes.

This dip.


This popcorn. 

And this popcorn.


All super yummy, but the caramel coconut popcorn definitely wins the day for me.  Soooo good.  Off to put babies to bed and gobble up more.  I’ll be back to evaluate 2013(and check if I actually had any goals for it, haha) and to write up a couple goals for 2014.  Happy New Year to you all!




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