Joy and Delinquency

Babies.  Bed.  Writing.  Sleeping.  I keep getting to evening thinking, huh, I really need to write a blog and I open up the page and look at my ideas and I click over to some dumb tv show(How I Met Your Mother, at the moment) and tell myself I’ll think about it for a few minutes and I don’t really get much further than that because it’s evening and bedtime, but I don’t want to go to bed because, yay, a few minutes of not being needed, but it’s truly late and my brain is toast and I end up just finishing my episode and going to bed anyway.  Also, Wilona has been getting teeth(she has two now!) and has been frequently needing me to be attached to her most of the night, don’tyoudareleavemeheretosleepbymyselfMamacuehystericalcryingifyoutrytohaveDaddybouncemeofftosleepagain, so I’ve completely forgone my both-hands-available time some nights.

But isn’t she such a dolly?

Then I’ll think oh I should write my blog now that it’s daylight, but then two small people need things and it’s hard to concentrate and play with them and have a hand to type with and not get grumped with them needing things(oh the shock, being needed by my two children under two years, didn’t see that coming. :p ) while I’m trying to think and be coherent and witty and heavens, this doesn’t sound so smart after all plus I sense my mood going down the drain so why bother let’s go bake something.

DSCF1250 (500x375)

Don’t be too impressed, store-bought crust and two cans of pie filling, super easy.

So, all that to say, I guess I’ve just been trying to make good decisions and good priorities and for the last couple weeks that has meant no blogging.  And I think that’s the right thing sometimes.  I’ve been doing lots of baking and cooking and planning and dug out my sewing room and started working on long-term project again.  I’m starting to get a bit fidgety for planning the garden.  We’ve(briefly) discussed getting chickens this year.  We checked out a fun little outdoor ice rink.  We’ve been reading, daydreaming and laughing.  So, it’s been a pretty successful couple weeks, I think.

Ben and I are working on a color scheme redo of the main room(kitchen/living/dining).  If you’d like a peak at some of the inspiration behind that you can check out my idea board and Ben’s idea board(we’re looking for common ground, so keeping different boards)!  Anything you especially love there?

More to come later.  Bed now.


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