So, once again I’m neglecting my duties as blogger, but look!!  It’s for a good cause!!

We’re transforming this….


Eh, blase. Also, so done with the red accents!


To something more closely resembling this…


Cool, refreshing, chipper, centered…


We don’t have it all figured out yet, but I have that wall mostly painted and curtains found and put up.  We trialed a small part of the wall in something that we decided was too Easter eggy, oh my!  We agreed that we didn’t hate the color, it was just not the right color for that wall.  It was something like 14 shades stronger than we wanted, haha.

I’ll have actual pictures soon here, but I have to say that the Sketchup model has been a bit of a lifesaver.  I can tweak colors and patterns and furniture as much as I want in the pursuit of the right combos!  I can even take the photos of actual rugs and fabric patterns to put onto my surfaces to get a better idea of things.

Anyway, more later.  Have a marvelous day!


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