Happy Little Things

Just an assortment of things that are new or didn’t quite fit into another post…

Farthest back, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and my 26th birthday and Valentines day.   My favorite part of that celebration week was going to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream and giving Ascher a spoon of his own to just dig into our creations at will.  His face just lit up so brightly and his delighted chuckle was so fun.  We could have gotten him his own little dish, but I think that sharing our bigger dishes was probably more fun for him.  I got the salted caramel ice cream with Twix broken into it and ohmygoodness, it was so good.  We left with a serving of ice cream left each, and Ascher got a second, tiny serving the next day, which he also greatly enjoyed.  I also got some beautiful celebration flowers from Ben.  :)

Ascher got a haircut.

I got a new spring wreath and gold fingernails.

Wilona is crawling and tasting a few foods.


Ascher would love for us to read him books all day long and has some of the sparkliest eyes I’ve ever seen.

Today I’m looking forward to

  • Planting peas and flowers this week.
  • Easter.  I have so many wonderful memories of Easter and I think Ascher is big enough this year to really appreciate some aspects of it(egg hunting and dyeing!).
  • More nice sunny days.  Hoping that we have a nice long spring before it surrenders to summer heat.

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