Citrus Lane February and March Review

I went to Goodwill the other day and I tell you, if you ever need your babies admired, outside of a family gathering of some sort, Goodwill is the place.  (the story in the first part of this post actually happened all at Goodwill too)  So many people being sweet to my babies.    I wouldn’t want that much attention every day, but every once in a while it’s fun and Ascher and Wilona didn’t mind either. Outside of that, I’ve been meaning to give you a peek into my last couple Citrus Lane boxes!  (Previous review here) Wilona had the February box.  She got –

  • A sweet Tea Collection romper for this spring, so nice and soft in this beautiful pattern.
  • A Boon Pulp feeder.  I love how easy this is to clean compared to the mesh feeder we had for Ascher.  Wilona loves banana in it!
  • A tube of nice, all natural lotion.
  • A storybook of rhymes with pictures that look like they were sewn or crafted.
  • A bunch of fun, ruffly packing paper shreds.  ;)  They always do such a pretty packing job!

Ascher had the March box and got –

  • Two tubs of EcoDough.  Really nice, soft, quality dough that shouldn’t dry out, or if it does can be revived with a dab of oil.
  • A box of four farm animal puzzles with 3,4,5 and 6 pieces per puzzle.  Good sturdy puzzles with unique shapes.
  • A small first aid kit for my bag.  Clever idea for busy kids and of course simple to refill as needed.
  • A tub sanitizing wipes that get their cleaning power from thyme oil.  The wipes are my least favorite thing just because they seem boring but they’ll be useful to have around, I’m sure.

Additionally I had(based on a great bib they’d sent for Wilona) added a new bib for Ascher to my order.  Well, Citrus Lane included a note in the box that said they were out of the turtle bib, so instead they’d sent the fire engine bib and the turtle snack bags(a pair of nice, reusable, washable little zippered bags) and they hoped we’d enjoy the extra surprise and they apologized for the inconvenience.  Isn’t that classy?  I would have accepted a simple substitution without complaint, but they added an extra and took the time to write a note too! I love surprises, and having a box of them sent to my door every month is really fun.  I also love that it’s frequently useful, unique stuff that I wouldn’t think to look for otherwise AND the individual price of each item always adds up to well over the price of these boxes.  Score! If you think there’s a kid in your life who would enjoy a Citrus Lane box, just sign up through any of these links and you’ll receive 50% off your first box and I’ll get a credit in my account for my next box at no extra cost to you.  I thank you for that support, if that’s what you decide to do.  :)

3 thoughts on “Citrus Lane February and March Review

  1. longbrakeliving says:

    I recently signed up for Citrus Lane and want to rotate my boxes between my two children. Can you tell me this best way to do this? Thanks!

    • Every month after I get my box I go to the citrus lane website and mouse over my name in the upper right hand corner(log in if you aren’t already) and click “Account” in the drop down menu. You can then edit your child information on the right of the page. It is something you have to do yourself each month, but they try to make it really easy.

      Hope that helps!

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