About Time

I just saw what I think is the best best movie I’ve seen for a long long time.  It had me laughing out loud several times and tearing up in a few others and smiling in the end with a lovely message.  I hit play on it during naptime, thinking it would just be a standard rubbish rom-com chick flick, but I realized about halfway though it was going to be better than that.  It’s not a perfect movie in that I spent the first half thinking it was indeed a silly chick flick and the second half thinking it was a lovely look at family and memories and happiness and time well spent.  At any rate, it’s a really fun movie that I’ll definitely be watching again with Ben.  :)

I wanted to post an official blurb about it, or the movie trailer, but neither embodied for me what this movie really comes down to, so I guess you’ll have to watch it for yourselves. :)

I was quite surprised to find(after I’d watched it) that it is rated R(I thought it was a typo).  I think that there’s one and a half scenes that, if you’re quick with the controls you’ll be able to skip what’ll be deemed most inappropriate.  They give you some warning beforehand and it’s super short and mostly only implied.  Older teens with personal and parental discretion should be fine.

8.5/10 stars


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