insert clever title here

Ben and I are ill today.  Fever, aches, kleenex, etc.  Bleh.  But, the babies are pretty happy, so that helps.  We’ve been doing lots of Curious George and Super Why…

and I’ve been just sitting around taking pictures and trying to talk them into resting with me.  No such luck with the resting, mostly, but lots of pictures.

After nap fails for both little people and Ben zonked out I decided ice cream was in order.  Ascher got a mini cone.  

And Wilona got a couple tiny bites to play with.  She wasn’t at all impressed with the flavor when I fed her a dab.

I was looking at all my very zoomed in pictures and had some thought or another about how as a mama it’s important to stay zoomed in on the good stuff and crop out the background clutter, but that seems to be all there is of that thought.  Hope you’re all more well than I am.


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