quick catch up

Ok, so I haven’t blogged for a month and a week, what did you miss.

We had a mama duck and 16(!!!) baby ducks in our backyard!  We think she must have sneakily hatched them there, since there isn’t a good way for her to have led them in.  Ascher Who’m I kidding, I was really, really excited to see them.  We all followed them around the yard a bit while we discussed what to do about them, but we finally let them out into the park and hoped they’d make it to a canal soon.
DSCF2223 (400x300)

Oh, you didn’t come here for duck pictures?

Ascher had a birthday! He’s two now!  Update post about him coming soon and joint birthday party for him and Wilona in the works for the end of the month.  As such we’re trying to get the house and yard pulled together and semi-presentable(read: all the projects that we’ve started and not finished over the last six months, finished).  Ascher enjoyed his birthday(and my liberal hand with the cupcakes) and apparently(according to my photos from the day) spent the whole day shirtless.  Huh.

DSCF2150 DSCF2171What else…  We went to the beach!  A lovely, lovely week in a gorgeous house just a moment from an incredible view of the surf pounding on the rocks all day long.  Being able to see and hear the ocean all day and night?  Awesome.  Spending a week with parents, grandparents, siblings and etc?  Awesome.  Wilona having a puking bug intermittently throughout the trip, not so much.  But spending large parts of the night awake with a pukey baby was actually surprisingly better for being able to park in a big chair in the corner of the house that feels most surrounded by the water.

Obligatory family selfie, aren’t we cute.

DSCF2299 (400x300)


I transformed an ugly flower pot with a can of spray paint.  Now to plant it up!




I apparently really enjoyed seeing my babies sleeping.

DSCF2327 (300x400)

Gorgeous blankie from Aunt Alice.

DSCF2276 (400x300)

In the car on the way to the coast.

DSCF2235 (400x300)

Love baby sprawl…

DSCF2230 (400x300)


Other stuff.  Enjoying the sunshine and the rain and the extendedly mild weather.  Working on getting a semblance of a garden put together, thanks to our masterfully gardening parents(my dad, Ben’s mom) and their surplus tomato plants.  Trying, as always, to dig out my sewing room.  Yawning, yawning, yawning.  More to come later.

A couple from playing outside today.

DSCF2383 (400x300)

Ascher got a haircut!

DSCF2384 (400x300)


This post made possible by Beth!  She decided that since she wrote a blog post she deserved niece and nephew pictures in trade.  ;)  Beth is the delightful voice behind Gourmet In The Field and has recently written about being plagued by volunteer mentors, and the development of a single serving peanut butter pancake recipe.  Thanks for the kickstart, Beth!



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