A Party for 2 and 1

We had a lovely time this evening celebrating the birthdays of our little people!

Birthday Invitationrealblog

so easy(and free!) to make my invitation at picmonkey.com!

We spent a lot of time working on the yard and garden these last couple weeks and it was a lot of fun to finally use the space and enjoy the changes.

DSCF2447 (400x300)


We went with a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  Ascher and Wilona both enjoy the book and since I have spent a lot of time relating to the “But he was still hungry” line in the book when feeding the babies it made sense to play off of that a little bit.

As always, you can click on any of the photos in the following galleries and then scroll through them for a larger view.  :)

It was so cute to see Wilona be looking around all surprised when she heard her name in the birthday song.  Ascher got sung to several times a few weeks ago, but he got a kick out of having it done again.

Wilona got to play in her first cupcake and while she thought it was interesting she greatly preferred the strawberry I handed her a little bit later.  Ascher very proudly walked his cupcake on his plate to his spot on the grass and then battled gravity trying to keep the cupcake on his plate on his lap.  It was pretty cute seeing Ascher and Wilona sitting together there all chocolate smeared.  :)

Ascher loved the assortment of Hot Wheels cars from when Ben was little and Wilona was enthralled with a little finger puppet book.

And as always one of the most important parts of any good party is the guests!  Thank you all for coming to party with our sweet little people!

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