I have year olds!

Instead of month olds, that is.

DSCF2113 (400x300)

New(used) Lego table for Ascher's birthday.

New(used) Lego table for Ascher’s birthday.

Ascher at 2 –


  • weighs 31ish lbs
  • is putting together lots of short sentences
  • loves small(4-6 pieces) frameless puzzles.  These from Citrus Lane** are perfect for him right now.
  • I asked him to put his puzzle away and he ran to his room where I assumed he put it on the dresser, since his shelf is too high to reach.  A minute later he’s pulling a kitchen chair down the hall, groaning and whimpering(it was not cooperating)…  He’s very literal sometimes.
  • tries to help Wilona obey(No trash, Lola! as he tries to help her walk away)
  • enjoys picking berries, watering flowers, and putting dishes and silverware way.
  • His favorite pre-bed activity is running back and forth as fast as he can through the house with Ben.
  • still loves to look at books, calls some books by name and can remember and repeat opening phrases for several.
  • is working on counting(one, two, three, five, six, seven!), animals and sounds, colors and the fact that written words mean something.
  • loves helping with cooking and washing dishes
  • recognizes from our backyard the different sounds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, helicopters and trains
  • would still prefer to eat solely fruit and veggies(and probably ice cream cones, haha)







Wilona at 1-

  • weighs 19ish lbs
  • started wanting to walk with help all the time
  • has taken several independent steps a few times
  • loves to drive hotwheels cars
  • or do whatever Ascher is doing, really.  She follows him everywhere!
  • starting to talk some(run run run, hi, Nana, jump jump, Da da da, no,)
  • starting to help clean up
  • knows some signs(please, eat, milk, sleepy, bed, cheese) but frequently if we try to show her a sign she just tries to say the word.
  • moos for cow sounds
  • if she sees people with plates she follows them to beg for bites
  • but is still nursing for probably 80-90% of her food
  • hunts down kitchen chairs, boxes and large-ish toys that she can push around and walk with.
  • sometimes gives kisses and sometimes licks my face.  It’s a tossup.
  • is definitely a conversationalist. She points around at things and tells us aaaallll about them.  :D






It is so much fun to see how much they looove playing together.  Wilona follows Ascher around everywhere and Ascher loves to make it a chase game, or make sure she has a toy or a snack just like him.


**Speaking of Citrus Lane – I was sent three codes for three friends to get a free first box, so if you haven’t tried them and would like to please leave a comment and I’ll email you a code!  Thanks!


9 thoughts on “I have year olds!

  1. I found your blog through your Mom’s and have been reading for awhile but never commenting. I’d love a code to try Citrus Lane–I’m always looking for fun stuff for my munchkins (3,2 and 2 months).

  2. chantel says:

    I have been following your blog for awhile. If you have a citrus lane code left, I would love to use it!!

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