Delightfully Summer

I keep ending up with stashes of photos that can only be classified as “Things I Love About Summer” so I thought I should dump some here.  You don’t mind, right?

Our beans are getting big  on their trellis!

Our beans are getting big on their trellis!

We’ve been having breakfast most mornings outside, on what I’ve been calling the terrace.  Doesn’t breakfast on the terrace have a lovely ring to it?  I mean, there’s no terracing involved, but work with me here.  Whatever you call it, we get to play outside before it’s blazing hot and we don’t have to wash hands or high chair trays or anything after we’re doing eating, just go play some more.  The ants are getting exceedingly well fed, and I’m getting shockingly lax about how long I’ll be ok with the children eating something after it’s fallen on the ground(really only dry stuff…hmm.  oh.  ew) but small price to pay, right?

I was going to say it’s really only dry stuff(cereal, toast) but then I remembered that Ascher spilled the last of his oatmeal on the way back inside a couple days ago and was playing with it in the gravel, and then went to slide and then when I had him clean it up 20 minutes later he started eating it again.  Hmm.  Yum.  o.O  (I did stop him…)

Let’s face it, there really is no graceful way to say I let my kids eat off the ground so often that they don’t know when they shouldn’t.  Or to say that occasionally I forget to, until it’s already in my mouth and I’m like, eh, germs are already in now!




They love sunglasses, but only inside.  Because that makes sense.

DSCF2563 (400x300)Ascher has been enjoying his sidewalk chalk.  He scribbles for a bit, then carries it around in its little bucket, then starts throwing it everywhere which is code for, “We’re done with chalk now!”  Wilona’s favorite part is biting it.  EEEEWWWW.


There’s lots of watermelon to be had and relished with great stickiness.

Sometimes a tray of water and some toys are all you need to beat the heat.  Sometimes the tray of water becomes a tray of sand mud.  That’s ok, we’ll just dump the whole lot back in the sandbox.  Way easier to refresh the water in a small container.

DSCF2631 (400x300)

“What, mom?”

DSCF2642 (300x400)

“Teen tars!”

DSCF2639 (300x400)

Sometimes popsicles lead to such sticky clothes that you might as well just start over.

DSCF2626 (300x400)

“Mama, I’m sticky!”

DSCF2645 (300x400)

And, not strictly a summer moment, but they sat down rightnexttoeachother, under the piano, of all the funny places, to look at books the other day.  The cutes.

Other summerish thoughts

  • how much I love Wilona’s funny little tan
  • how much I can’t wait for our tomatoes, beans and zucchini to be coming in
  • how glad I am that both littles are big enough to enjoy summer things with me
  • how much I despise heat if I have to be outside in it longer than 20 minutes, haha.

I hope your summer has been marching along steadily and happily!

As my sister’s fortune cookie once said, “Don’t eat off the floor”.  :)


3 thoughts on “Delightfully Summer

  1. ronibird says:

    I find myself eating crumbs from undetermined geological periods off of my sheets, so you aren’t alone. Yay? And I <3 all the pics, but am particularly fond of the chalking the feet photo. :)

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