Projects! Projects everywhere!

Clearly I haven’t been blogging recently, so what have I been up to?  Looooving summer, that’s what!

First of all, we’ve found it next to impossible to keep up with the kitchen cleaning for the last year.  It’s truly disgusting.  Part of the problem is that I have so many dishes(I love dishes far too much) that there is really no urgency to wash them every day.  Things stack and the sink is good sized and hey, why wash a spoon and bowl when there is another couple dozen clean in the cabinet.  But this was the state of the kitchen way too often.

DSCF2683 (400x300)

Should mention that we haven’t used a dishwasher for over a year. Ours broke and we’re too picky to replace it. Would it help? I don’t know. The way the old one was working things had to be 90%clean before they went in, and they came out 70% clean. Stupid. So we hand wash it all.

Oh. My. Word.  Everything on the counter is dirty.  I have to say, I wash at least a sinkful of dishes every day, but if that sinkful is pots and pans, or the silverware, it really doesn’t make much dent in the worst of the cluttery stuff.  I should have opened the cupboards to show that I still have probably that much again still clean.  I just have tons of great dishes, but if I have to do an hour of cleanup just to expose the counters enough to cook?  Insane.  Especially when I find myself using(and then washing) a bunch of dishes I’m apathetic about because some part of me “saves” dishes for special occasions.  So I got rid of a box of stuff that wasn’t used/was too much/didn’t love.  Then, after three two hour washing sessions over three days I got everything clean and away and declared that things were changing.  

A couple things not pictured, but mostly there.

A couple things not pictured, but mostly there.

This is what we’ll be using from now on.  I have almost no glasses in our use cupboard, because apparently(by the surplus of them on the dirty counter) Ben and I both hate washing them.  Some plastic cups, plates and bowls in various sizes and breakabilities.  Half a dozen of each spoons/knives/forks.  Ideally this should help with our disaster kitchen, but I keep you posted.  We still have to wash it all, obv, just hopefully won’t build up.  The other solution was to be less lazy(interested in other things, I prefer!) but clearly all my resolutions to that end were failing, so drastic measure and all that.

Other things.

The best thing to do with a clean kitchen is admire it!  No, silly.  Cook!  So, apricot jam.

DSCF2717 (400x300)

Ascher says thank you to Lulu and Nana for the apricots!

Also, drying herbs.  So in love with fresh herbs, and veggies.  I made pizza sauce the other day with all fresh tomatoes and five kinds of fresh herbs from our garden.  Divine.

DSCF2694 (400x300)

Tied with bakers twine, hung on thumbtacks on the wall. Pretty.

New covers for our couch pillows!  When we got married(five and a half years ago!) we got four really nice squashy, cozy pillows in a nice corduroy type fabric in dark blue and green.  The pillows are still cozy, but the covers have been getting holes in the seams and don’t really match the current decor plan, so I sewed up the holes and made new cases.  I did simple envelope style covers, which were practically effortless, but big reward.  Here is a good tutorial for envelope pillowcases.

Aren’t they lovely?  The blanket on the chair behind the coral pillow was a thrift store find that I couldn’t resist.

The babies and I went to the farmer’s market this morning, just for fun, and had a lovely time walking around, being offered lots of yummy samples and hearing live music and people and dog watching.  We tasted some amazing raw goats milk cheese, kettle corn, bbq sauce, honey, fudge.  We bought a truly amazing homemade ice cream, homemade cookies ice cream sandwich, butter pecan caramel, oh my. and went and sat by the live music to eat it.  It was fun to watch Ascher and Wilona both nomming their ice cream thoughtfully with their little feet just kick kick kicking in time to the music. (Consider following me on Instagram for these pictures and others like them?)

After that the thrift store, where I found a variety of things that had been crossing my mind as possibly being nice to have soon, a step stool for the bathroom, a new cd player for Ascher’s room, a (new in the box) booster high chair for Wilona(1/3 of new price) and made the mistake of handing Ascher something to look at that I wasn’t going to buy.  I’ve done that before and he’s been fine, but this time it was meltdown inducing.  Poor boy.  He cheered up quickly, but it was definitely a mistake on my part, knowing it was naptime and lunchtime and all.

Gorgeous boy.

Gorgeous boy.

Sparkly new high chair!

Sparkly new high chair!

Now if you’ll excuse me I have some crackers and yummy fresh cheese calling my name.

2 thoughts on “Projects! Projects everywhere!

  1. Sounds like you have your priorities pretty straight and are having a fun time!

    I collect dishes. Being single, I simply have a dozen or more different place settings.

    Adorable! The children and the pillows. :-)

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