Little Boy Bowtie Tutorial

So way back at Easter I promised that I’d show you how I made Ascher’s super easy bowtie, but then I tossed it, candy and strawberry smeared, into the washer and it kind of fell apart.  Downside of too easy, whoops.  I was mulling over how to fix it or create something better for my tutorial, and I kept mulling and the idea just fell out of my head and I totally forgot about it.  Then about 6 weeks ago kind reader Mary told me that she was eagerly waiting for the tutorial(sorry Mary!) so I got back to thinking about it and figured out something more durable.  After all, a bow tie for a two year old definitely needs to be washable.

So, finally, I present to you the bowtie tutorial.



First step, choose a fabric.  I had this feathery black and white design that seemed fun, so I went with that.

DSCF2750 (400x300)

For my two year old I cut a piece 11″ x 5″ for the main body of the bow tie.  For the bowtie wrap I cut a piece about 2.25″ by 3.75″.  I was eyeballing and using a scissors, but after making it I wouldn’t want the first measurement for the wrap any bigger or the second any smaller.

Now narrow hem the short ends of the bowtie body and set it right side up on the table.

Fold over the hemmed ends until they overlap just a little bit in the middle.

Sew straight down the raw edges with a narrow seam.  I think I was somewhere between 1/8th” and 1/4″.  Turn it right side out and make sure the corners are as crisply out as can be(trim them a bit if needed).  Set aside.

Now for the wrap.  Fold in half the long way, right sides together and sew a narrow seam.  You should have a little tube.  Turn it right side out and center the seam on one side instead of on the edge.  Finger press flat.  Now add a buttonhole at one end sized for a little boys shirt top button.  My machine has a buttonhole setting that makes it super easy.  You’ll want the buttonhole about a seam allowance away from the end.

Clip the buttonhole carefully open and with the seam side as the “wrong side” put right sides together and sew the strip into a loop.  Turn it right side out.

DSCF2773 (400x300)  Now take the bowtie body and fold it accordion style.  The pocket opening will go straight up and down on the back of the bowtie, and it will look best if the top and bottom edges of the bowtie are folded toward the back

Now slide the wrap loop over the middle with the buttonhole towards the back.



And find a semi-willing child to model it for you!  The buttonhole on the back obviously goes on the top button of a dress shirt, which was my way of avoiding putting anything around his neck.  It could also be attached(probably?) with a nice tight new safety pin.

DSCF2775 (400x300)

DSCF2776 (300x400)

Silly boy.

DSCF2778 (300x400) DSCF2779 (300x400) DSCF2780 (300x400) DSCF2782 (300x400) DSCF2786 (300x400)


If it needs to be washed at some point(highly likely) just take the wrap off the body, toss them into a mesh garment bag in the wash and dryer(so they’re easy to find), and then give it a brief iron for crispness before reassembling it.

If I need to explain anything more clearly please do tell me, I’d love to help.  Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean I’ve necessarily explained it well.  :)  If you make a bowtie I’d love to add a photo of it to the end of this post, if you’re interested. :)

And finally, if you felt like pinning this tutorial on Pinterest I’d be very appreciative.

Happy sewing!


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