What I’m Into July 2014

Cooking – Chocolate zucchini cake, apricot jam, zucchini and tomato fry


basically fry sliced zucchini in butter until softened with salt/pepper/herb du provence, add chopped tomatoes and simmer together for a few minutes. I like plenty of tomatoes for a saucy scramble, yum.  Good with garlic toast or with eggs for breakfast.

Best Reads – Families Where Grace is in Place, How We Love,  A Homemade Life, Pie It Forward, The Rain Stomper, Who’s Hiding?, A Roar of a Snore

Organization – Reduced available dishes in the kitchen for more efficient clean-up, shifted my sewing space to the living room for easier sewing during baby play, rearranged the master bedroom(long needed, pics soon)

Crafting – Couch pillows, a zippered tablet pocket for my brother, a bowtie for Ascher.

Opening –

  • Ipsy is a fabulous makeup bag subscription service that for $10 a month sends you at least one full-size, high quality, makeup item and 3-4 smaller or sample size items and a perty makeup bag.  I’m totally clueless about makeup(and hate spending money on stuff that I don’t know if I’ll like!), so Ipsy is the perfect way to dip my brush in and try some new things without breaking the bank.  I’ve gotten two boxes and (except for the mascara that smelled like burning tires, ew) have loved everything.
  • I’ve mentioned my love for Citrus Lane before and it continues!  They send great, unique stuff that my kids and I love and you can get your first box 50% off if you use this link.

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Wanting – to buckle down and sew more.  Also wanting an adorable little trailer for camping.  Too fun.

Enjoying – patio breakfast, summer thunder, pretty nail polish, fat new bed pillows, finding good deals, my blue wall, lots of iced tea, fresh fruits and veggies, every box of clutter I can expel from the house, evenings outside, grubby happy learning little people

A few of my favorite posts from elsewhere –

I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her monthly recap of events.  Check it out to join or see what others have been up to! :)


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