About Me

My name is Amanda.  Ben and I live in the northwest USA and have been married since February 2009.  Our son Ascher was born May 2012 and we are very much enjoying playing with and learning about him.  It’s so much fun to see him growing and learning new things every day.  I’ve already realized that when people say babies grow up too fast they’re right, so I’m trying to enjoy him daily and learning to let some other stuff slide.  So, if you don’t see me around here, just know I’m loving on my little one!  We are expecting our little girl in July, so life will only get busier!

I enjoy cooking, baking, sewing, reading and mentally re-designing the house for better places/ways for things to be.  This usually results in me running to Ben and saying, “Oh, you know what we should build??”.  So we, like most new homeowners, have more ideas than money and we’ll see what actually gets accomplished.

My husband (by dint of much patience, bless him) has converted me from hating exercise/sweating to at least enjoying the results I see when I do it.    I never really got back on the serious exercise schedule after stopping late in Ascher’s pregnancy due to aches but am hoping this fall will see me back running, biking, and strength training.  I’m looking forward to losing the baby weight at a healthy rate and getting strong and beating goals again.  I’m sure life is going to be busier than I can imagine with two littles, but I’ll need to be strong and fit to keep up with them, so I’ll be trying to fit my fitness in where I can.

Ben and I very much enjoy our garden, and while it sometimes seems too big and over our heads with all the other stuff that life requires, there is a huge satisfaction to going out to the garden and picking a bowl of veggies for dinner.  We’re also working on beautifying the rest of the yard, as time and money allow and are thinking of getting a few chickens sometime, maybe next year.

So, stuff you might see on this blog – crafty projects, recipes, organization, exercise, baby stuff, gardening, canning, chickens, family, goals and just general life happenings.  If this sounds fun or interesting to you then follow along!



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