A Party for 2 and 1

We had a lovely time this evening celebrating the birthdays of our little people!

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We spent a lot of time working on the yard and garden these last couple weeks and it was a lot of fun to finally use the space and enjoy the changes.

DSCF2447 (400x300)


We went with a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  Ascher and Wilona both enjoy the book and since I have spent a lot of time relating to the “But he was still hungry” line in the book when feeding the babies it made sense to play off of that a little bit.

As always, you can click on any of the photos in the following galleries and then scroll through them for a larger view.  :)

It was so cute to see Wilona be looking around all surprised when she heard her name in the birthday song.  Ascher got sung to several times a few weeks ago, but he got a kick out of having it done again.

Wilona got to play in her first cupcake and while she thought it was interesting she greatly preferred the strawberry I handed her a little bit later.  Ascher very proudly walked his cupcake on his plate to his spot on the grass and then battled gravity trying to keep the cupcake on his plate on his lap.  It was pretty cute seeing Ascher and Wilona sitting together there all chocolate smeared.  :)
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quick catch up

Ok, so I haven’t blogged for a month and a week, what did you miss.

We had a mama duck and 16(!!!) baby ducks in our backyard!  We think she must have sneakily hatched them there, since there isn’t a good way for her to have led them in.  Ascher Who’m I kidding, I was really, really excited to see them.  We all followed them around the yard a bit while we discussed what to do about them, but we finally let them out into the park and hoped they’d make it to a canal soon.
DSCF2223 (400x300)

Oh, you didn’t come here for duck pictures?

Ascher had a birthday! He’s two now!  Update post about him coming soon and joint birthday party for him and Wilona in the works for the end of the month.  As such we’re trying to get the house and yard pulled together and semi-presentable(read: all the projects that we’ve started and not finished over the last six months, finished).  Ascher enjoyed his birthday(and my liberal hand with the cupcakes) and apparently(according to my photos from the day) spent the whole day shirtless.  Huh.

DSCF2150 DSCF2171What else…  We went to the beach!  A lovely, lovely week in a gorgeous house just a moment from an incredible view of the surf pounding on the rocks all day long.  Being able to see and hear the ocean all day and night?  Awesome.  Spending a week with parents, grandparents, siblings and etc?  Awesome.  Wilona having a puking bug intermittently throughout the trip, not so much.  But spending large parts of the night awake with a pukey baby was actually surprisingly better for being able to park in a big chair in the corner of the house that feels most surrounded by the water.

Obligatory family selfie, aren’t we cute.

DSCF2299 (400x300)


I transformed an ugly flower pot with a can of spray paint.  Now to plant it up!




I apparently really enjoyed seeing my babies sleeping.

DSCF2327 (300x400)

Gorgeous blankie from Aunt Alice.

DSCF2276 (400x300)

In the car on the way to the coast.

DSCF2235 (400x300)

Love baby sprawl…

DSCF2230 (400x300)


Other stuff.  Enjoying the sunshine and the rain and the extendedly mild weather.  Working on getting a semblance of a garden put together, thanks to our masterfully gardening parents(my dad, Ben’s mom) and their surplus tomato plants.  Trying, as always, to dig out my sewing room.  Yawning, yawning, yawning.  More to come later.

A couple from playing outside today.

DSCF2383 (400x300)

Ascher got a haircut!

DSCF2384 (400x300)


This post made possible by Beth!  She decided that since she wrote a blog post she deserved niece and nephew pictures in trade.  ;)  Beth is the delightful voice behind Gourmet In The Field and has recently written about being plagued by volunteer mentors, and the development of a single serving peanut butter pancake recipe.  Thanks for the kickstart, Beth!


Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s some great pictures I took at story time a few months ago.  The light was bad and the pics didn’t focus as well as I’d like, but I love how the three of them love each other so visibly.  SO SO SO SWEET.  Happy Father’s Day, Ben.  You are a great daddy and Ascher and Wilona think so to.  Love you.




insert clever title here

Ben and I are ill today.  Fever, aches, kleenex, etc.  Bleh.  But, the babies are pretty happy, so that helps.  We’ve been doing lots of Curious George and Super Why…

and I’ve been just sitting around taking pictures and trying to talk them into resting with me.  No such luck with the resting, mostly, but lots of pictures.

After nap fails for both little people and Ben zonked out I decided ice cream was in order.  Ascher got a mini cone.   Continue reading

About Time

I just saw what I think is the best best movie I’ve seen for a long long time.  It had me laughing out loud several times and tearing up in a few others and smiling in the end with a lovely message.  I hit play on it during naptime, thinking it would just be a standard rubbish rom-com chick flick, but I realized about halfway though it was going to be better than that.  It’s not a perfect movie in that I spent the first half thinking it was indeed a silly chick flick and the second half thinking it was a lovely look at family and memories and happiness and time well spent.  At any rate, it’s a really fun movie that I’ll definitely be watching again with Ben.  :)

I wanted to post an official blurb about it, or the movie trailer, but neither embodied for me what this movie really comes down to, so I guess you’ll have to watch it for yourselves. :)

I was quite surprised to find(after I’d watched it) that it is rated R(I thought it was a typo).  I think that there’s one and a half scenes that, if you’re quick with the controls you’ll be able to skip what’ll be deemed most inappropriate.  They give you some warning beforehand and it’s super short and mostly only implied.  Older teens with personal and parental discretion should be fine.

8.5/10 stars