I have year olds!

Instead of month olds, that is.

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New(used) Lego table for Ascher's birthday.

New(used) Lego table for Ascher’s birthday.

Ascher at 2 –


  • weighs 31ish lbs
  • is putting together lots of short sentences
  • loves small(4-6 pieces) frameless puzzles.  These from Citrus Lane** are perfect for him right now.
  • I asked him to put his puzzle away and he ran to his room where I assumed he put it on the dresser, since his shelf is too high to reach.  A minute later he’s pulling a kitchen chair down the hall, groaning and whimpering(it was not cooperating)…  He’s very literal sometimes.
  • tries to help Wilona obey(No trash, Lola! as he tries to help her walk away)
  • enjoys picking berries, watering flowers, and putting dishes and silverware way.
  • His favorite pre-bed activity is running back and forth as fast as he can through the house with Ben.
  • still loves to look at books, calls some books by name and can remember and repeat opening phrases for several.
  • is working on counting(one, two, three, five, six, seven!), animals and sounds, colors and the fact that written words mean something.
  • loves helping with cooking and washing dishes
  • recognizes from our backyard the different sounds of cars, trucks, motorcycles, planes, helicopters and trains
  • would still prefer to eat solely fruit and veggies(and probably ice cream cones, haha)







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A Party for 2 and 1

We had a lovely time this evening celebrating the birthdays of our little people!

Birthday Invitationrealblog

so easy(and free!) to make my invitation at picmonkey.com!

We spent a lot of time working on the yard and garden these last couple weeks and it was a lot of fun to finally use the space and enjoy the changes.

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We went with a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme.  Ascher and Wilona both enjoy the book and since I have spent a lot of time relating to the “But he was still hungry” line in the book when feeding the babies it made sense to play off of that a little bit.

As always, you can click on any of the photos in the following galleries and then scroll through them for a larger view.  :)

It was so cute to see Wilona be looking around all surprised when she heard her name in the birthday song.  Ascher got sung to several times a few weeks ago, but he got a kick out of having it done again.

Wilona got to play in her first cupcake and while she thought it was interesting she greatly preferred the strawberry I handed her a little bit later.  Ascher very proudly walked his cupcake on his plate to his spot on the grass and then battled gravity trying to keep the cupcake on his plate on his lap.  It was pretty cute seeing Ascher and Wilona sitting together there all chocolate smeared.  :)
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Little Buddies

Wilona – 8.5 months, 19 pounds

  • rolled back to tummy  2-7-14
  • first four teeth in a three week time span in February
  • loves to play copy cat and peek a boo and bouncebouncebounce
  • trying so so hard to crawl and starting to make progress with supporting herself on only three points
  • smacks and chews while she watches us eat
  • just starting to work towards a single long nap instead of multiple little ones
  • is a lovely loungey, snuggly baby when she’s sleepy
  • has beautiful chubs and is happy happy happy

Ascher – 22 months, 30 pounds

  • says!!  ball “bow!” and yes “des!” and Mam, Dad, bath, rice, Nana, Danna(his aunt Julianna) and lots more things
  • loves apples and peppers and milk – they are his most requested foods
  • recognizes that letters are something and points to them saying I, I, I, I!  Or E, E, E, E!!
  • starting to go to sleep mostly without us being in the room and is getting longer sleep stretches at night, finally
  • points to things and says “One…” and looks expectantly for the next number
  • LOVES to play outside
  • will pick “go” out of any of our conversations and run for his jacket and shoes and the door
  • points out animals to me by their sounds
  • would like us to read him books all day long
  • likes exploring new places to stuff himself


  • are always so happy to see each other
  • both like to make their animals growl
  • (and I) are trying to work on sharing and not allowing toy snatching
  • love to play together


In Retrograde

This little one wants so badly to be moving forward.

DSCF1505 (500x375)


DSCF1506 (500x375)


DSCF1519 (500x375)


DSCF1512 (500x375)

That thing just out of her grasp.

DSCF1513 (500x375)

She pursues, then only ends up farther and farther away…

DSCF1525 (500x375)


wedged under furniture…

DSCF1524 (500x375)


wondering why mama is STILL taking pictures instead of helping.

DSCF1514 (500x375)


Keep trying, little one.

DSCF1526 (500x375)


Look how strong you’re getting!

She stayed like this for 30 seconds straight.

She stayed like this for 30 seconds straight.

You’ll figure it out. 

DSCF1507 (500x375)There’ll be no stopping you then.  

Little Man

Ascher turned 19 months old on Monday.  He’s working on learning to jump.  He stands on his toes.  He’s had a growth spurt and is outgrowing some pants and reaching high things.  He loves to help.  He runs things to the trash can, puts dirty laundry away, helps clean up toys and put away low dishes, fetches potatoes and onions out of the pantry and is very good at finding things with just verbal prompting and can use instructions like, “Your ball is by your table” or “Can I have the frog blanket?”.

This boy needed a haircut to be respectable for Christmas!

This boy needed a haircut to be respectable for Christmas!

His favorite thing to help with is washing dishes.  If we stay at the sink for more than 2.5 seconds he runs over the table as fast as he can and pulls a chair over to the sink so that he can climb up and hopefully help.  Even if we aren’t at the sink he’ll try to pull up his chair throughout the day and we’ve had a few disappointed meltdowns as he learns we aren’t going to let him wash dishes all the time.  If he was five or six years older I’d be all for it, but…

So we turned on Curious George right after breakfast.

So we turned on Curious George right after breakfast and got to work.

Wilona sat right next to me in her bouncy on the table.

Wilona sat right next to me in her bouncy on the table.

His conversation skills are growing.  He’ll frequently be listening to us(or a song, or a movie) talk and he’ll pick out a word that he knows and will run to find the corresponding thing.  I told Ben(in a stream of other conversation) we needed to install toddler height monkey bars and Ascher ran to his toy box shouting, “Dey ee is!  Dey ee is!” (There it/he is!) and grabbed out his little sock monkey.  He says hi and dye(bye) and all don(gone) and shhhh and brrr.  He has a word for up now(that I’m not remembering, bad mama).  If my lap or arms are vacant for a second he’s over begging to be up.  He’s a cuddly snuggler and loves hugs and kisses.

So much better!

So much better!

When he started running I had him sit down next to the fridge when I had to open the oven.  These days he runs over and plunks himself down at the first sight of the hot mitts.  He loves to look out the front window.  He loves it when daddy gets home.  He’s working on learning to get dressed.  He thinks mittens and gloves are lots of fun.  We took him out on a Christmas light tour drive that he really enjoyed.  H got excited and was shouting, “Dey ee is!  Dey ee is!” at decorated houses as he spotted them and at street lights.

He was not impressed with how itchy he felt afterwards!

He was not impressed with how itchy he felt afterwards!  He’s mid bath sign.

He mostly tries really hard to be nice to Wilona, rattling toys near her face and bringing her things to hold, but will occasionally still just whack her for talking to him.  A couple times she has tipped over from sitting up(!) and he’s grabbed her around the middle or by her shirt front and tried to get her sitting up again.  He has wiped her face after she spits, pulls out wipes for me for her diapers and tries to feed her toys.

DSCF0320 (480x640)

I itch!

After our first snow last week I bundled Ascher up and put his new(used) snow boots on him and stood him up to go outside.  He wobbled.  He tottered.  He tripped and staggered and walked like a drunk all over the house for five minutes, after which he sat down and peeled the boots off his feet.  I then realized that those were the first hard soled shoes I’ve ever put on him.  He’s worn Robeez his whole life so far.  :)

Yay!  All clean and nice hair!

Yay! All clean and nice hair!

It seems like he’s been making crazy leaps and bounds lately.  I so wish I could learn and improve at things as quickly as tiny people.  But, I think these days they’re just leeching all my brain power.  Good thing I had a decent amount to start with.  :)

Love you, Ascher boy!

All Night, All Day

Putting Ascher down for his nap has been easy lately.  We go to his room, close the darkening shades and turn on his music(Praise Baby).  Then I settle him into his little bed with his kitty and, now that it’s cooler, a little quilt.  Usually he’s asleep in three or four songs.

Today we got him settled in and I was rocking Wilona nearby and we listened to a couple songs together.  I was singing along, off and on, and when we got to Agnus Dei I heard Ascher chime in with his sweet little voice.

“Hah-way-oo-yah,  Hah-way-oo-yah,  Hah-way-oooo-yah.”  Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.  He kept singing it at all the right spots with just the same feeling as the singer.  “Hah-way-oo-yah, Hah-way-oo-yah, Hah-way-oooo-yah. ”  

Utterly precious.


I say it for me.

Every night before he goes to bed I tell Ascher “Jesus is watching over you.”  I hope that he’ll soon gain an understanding of what I’m talking about, but for now it’s more a reminder for me.  Jesus is watching over my babies every second of every day.  Even when I’m struck with random worries of tornadoes and housebreakers and floods and angry dogs and illness and car crashes, they’re in good hands.  My worrying isn’t going to make them a scrap safer.  So I say it for me.  Jesus is watching over them.

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Romans 8:37-39