Review – Mikarose “Rebecca” Dress

When I found out that there was an opportunity to try, in exchange for a review, one of the lovely dresses from Mikarose, I jumped at the chance.  I had known for several months that we had a wedding to attend when I would be 8 months pregnant and I was expecting to have trouble finding something appropriate that I could enjoy wearing.  Hopefully Mikarose could solve the problem.

When I entered the site and started hunting through the dress listings it was admittedly daunting to be looking at all of the tiny, slender women wearing the pretty dresses and try to imagine my very pregnant self fitting into the same dresses.  There were several styles that caught my eye as a good possibility, but the “Rebecca” was the one I kept coming back to.  The red(the color I requested) was gorgeous, the details were pretty and it certainly looked nice on the model.

When it arrived I was extremely pleased.  The material is a very good quality knit that has a lovely drapey, flowing feel to it.  The length holds up well to having a baby bump shortening it.  A different dress I got recently got enough shorter that it is for home wearing only, despite it being a maternity brand.  You can’t tell from the picture on the site, but the front of the dress is actually two full panels of fabric in a wrap format.  This is an extra layer of security in the bump area, where a lesser quality knit might stretch and start looking thin.  No such issue here!  I don’t at this point need to test it, but the criss-cross front on the bodice would make it easy to nurse a baby in, which is definitely a bonus for anyone with a nursing baby and an event to attend.


My only issue is related more to myself than the dress.  I found that, given extra pregnancy curves(oi.) a shaping undergarment was a useful addition to the fit of the dress.  Possibly if I had gotten the next size up it would have been less of an issue?  At any rate, I found it to be a dress that just makes me feel pretty to wear and it was perfect for the wedding.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks on my more normal shape.

I would definitely recommend the Mikarose site to anyone looking for a good quality, modest dress and the “Rebecca” dress in particular for anyone in need of a pretty pregnancy/nursing dress.



Erika is reviewing a different dress from Mikarose over on her blog too, so go check it out!


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