Baby Bathtime Apron Tutorial

We had dinner guests yesterday, so I spent most of the day alternating baby care with cleaning up the main areas of the house and fixing dinner.  I got to dig potatoes and carrots for part of dinner, which was a fun and unusual activity, besides being useful and out in the beautiful fresh day. We had a lovely, refreshing evening spent with our company, so I’m definitely calling the day a success.

Aren’t these nice?

Today I did my exercise, got the kitchen cleaned up from last night’s festivities and went to Pinterest for some project inspiration.  I spotted a baby bathtime apron, designed to make it easier to get a slippery little one out of the tub and into a towel.  I’ve found it difficult to do that sometimes, especially if trying to keep my shirt relatively dry, so this looked perfect.  I’m sure there are other tutorials out there, but this looked simple enough that I just winged it.  Here’s what I did.  The pictures are numbered, so start at 1!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now go give your baby a bath!

I like how the fabric up top makes it prettier than feeling like I’m just draping a towel around my neck.


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5-2-14 I got a great note and picture from a reader showing her bath apron off!


I used your tutorial on your blog to create this baby bath apron, which I plan to give to (name) at her baby shower. The towel was so long and (name) isn’t very tall. So I folded up the bottom to make two pouches, as well as a babyhood. I’m hoping it will be really functional. Thanks for your instruction! 

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!  I’d love to add more if anyone else would like to share!  :)


6 thoughts on “Baby Bathtime Apron Tutorial

  1. bekah21 says:

    I love this idea!!! When I used to help bathe my siblings I just wore a shirt I didn’t mind getting wet, but this idea looks better! I will definitely be making a bath apron when I have my own little one. :)

    • I have used it for almost every bath I’ve given him since I made it, and I’ve definitely missed it those few times I’ve not had it!

  2. Keira Miller says:

    I really like your bath apron and am interested in more of the details of how you did it but some of the text of your instructions seems to be cut off in your slideshow.

  3. Mylinda C. Paschal says:

    Yes! I too would like to read the complete details of each step. They were not complete in the slideshow. I have made a little different version before, but I like the look of the accent fabric on the bodice. Thanks and I look forward to further instructions as I need to get on this project for a shower coming up.

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