Saving My Sanity With Easy Toy Rotation

I’ve mentioned before that I rotate toys, so I thought I should show a bit of what that looks like here.  I love toy rotating because it is totally simple to clean up at the end of the day and because it really helps Ascher to focus in his play.  I always know when we have too many toys out because he goes through and dumps everything out without playing with it and gets really whiny and distracted and generally hard to live with.  Also, too many toys out means it takes forever(I mean, more than the five minutes it ought to) to get the toys put away at bedtime, which makes ME whiny and distracted and hard to live with.  :D


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In the quiet dawn before the day fully begins I am awake and taking mental pictures.  Wilona is in the middle of our big bed with her face and hands nuzzled up against my arm.  Ben and I are touching knees under her feet and his nose is just about in Wilona’s hair.  Ascher is on my other side, only half asleep, twiddling his toes under my side.  He always comes to our room when he wakes up in the morning, looking forward to having a snuggle in the last sleepy part of the morning.  This morning he toted in a teddy bear and a frisbee and he’s having trouble getting the frisbee to a good snuggling position(ever tried that?), or else I think he would have actually fallen asleep again.

DSCF1644 (350x263)

Sometimes I get up, after Ben is already away, and admire the gap that was my space between the babies.

DSCF1643 (350x263)


The constellation of a family feels complicated sometimes.  Parents orbit each other.  Tiny babies orbit mama.  Bigger kids make intricate orbits around mama and daddy and siblings.  Maybe parents orbit the kids too, I don’t know.  The whole system relies on the balance and gravity that God provides to keep in in top form but sometimes the system feels shaky as pulls adjust and balance changes.  I stress about dumb stuff(lookin’ at you, house cleaning).  They stay up too late.  No one communicates well.  Everyone always NEEDS me(cue dramatic huffy sigh).  A fast forward to nap time or gym time or give everything to Goodwill time or be anywhere but here time seems ideal.

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Citrus Lane February and March Review

I went to Goodwill the other day and I tell you, if you ever need your babies admired, outside of a family gathering of some sort, Goodwill is the place.  (the story in the first part of this post actually happened all at Goodwill too)  So many people being sweet to my babies.    I wouldn’t want that much attention every day, but every once in a while it’s fun and Ascher and Wilona didn’t mind either. Outside of that, I’ve been meaning to give you a peek into my last couple Citrus Lane boxes!  (Previous review here) Wilona had the February box.  She got – Continue reading

Happy Little Things

Just an assortment of things that are new or didn’t quite fit into another post…

Farthest back, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and my 26th birthday and Valentines day.   My favorite part of that celebration week was going to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream and giving Ascher a spoon of his own to just dig into our creations at will.  His face just lit up so brightly and his delighted chuckle was so fun.  We could have gotten him his own little dish, but I think that sharing our bigger dishes was probably more fun for him.  I got the salted caramel ice cream with Twix broken into it and ohmygoodness, it was so good.  We left with a serving of ice cream left each, and Ascher got a second, tiny serving the next day, which he also greatly enjoyed.  I also got some beautiful celebration flowers from Ben.  :)

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Dark Fudge Brownie Recipe

Brownies are one of those things that most people have their favorite version of, fluffy, gooey, cakey, frosted, nuts, no nuts, crunchy(fates forfend!), etc, etc, etc.  Before this week I had an idea of what I liked, dark and dense, but no recipe that got me what I wanted, which led to online searches and trying a different recipe every time I wanted brownies.  Finally though!  Finally I have my ideal brownie recipe!  There’s a lot of words for all the ways I could describe a great brownie, but this picture really says more for me.

drooling yet?

That, my friends, is my ideal brownie.  So much chocolate.  No dryness.  That pretty shiny crackle layer on top.  An almost truffle-like density.  Milk’s new best friend.  If a brownie were ever to be divine, it would be this one.  It would win the brownidential elections.  It will one day build it’s own rocket to the moon.  It will pave the way to world peace.  It will…  Oh, recipe?  Very well. Continue reading

DSCF1480 (375x500) (2)

Little Buddies

Wilona – 8.5 months, 19 pounds

  • rolled back to tummy  2-7-14
  • first four teeth in a three week time span in February
  • loves to play copy cat and peek a boo and bouncebouncebounce
  • trying so so hard to crawl and starting to make progress with supporting herself on only three points
  • smacks and chews while she watches us eat
  • just starting to work towards a single long nap instead of multiple little ones
  • is a lovely loungey, snuggly baby when she’s sleepy
  • has beautiful chubs and is happy happy happy

Ascher – 22 months, 30 pounds

  • says!!  ball “bow!” and yes “des!” and Mam, Dad, bath, rice, Nana, Danna(his aunt Julianna) and lots more things
  • loves apples and peppers and milk – they are his most requested foods
  • recognizes that letters are something and points to them saying I, I, I, I!  Or E, E, E, E!!
  • starting to go to sleep mostly without us being in the room and is getting longer sleep stretches at night, finally
  • points to things and says “One…” and looks expectantly for the next number
  • LOVES to play outside
  • will pick “go” out of any of our conversations and run for his jacket and shoes and the door
  • points out animals to me by their sounds
  • would like us to read him books all day long
  • likes exploring new places to stuff himself


  • are always so happy to see each other
  • both like to make their animals growl
  • (and I) are trying to work on sharing and not allowing toy snatching
  • love to play together